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"Haute Oculence" is the combination of the words, “Haute, Oculus and Opulence”, meaning ‘High level of quality, eye and abundance”. This reflects the core business of this company.

8 billion people on this world and no one has the exact same face, the difference lays in the details.

As a customer your bespoke eyewear is based on several measurements of your head, to provide an esthetic and correct pair of glasses. 
These glasses can variate between optical, sun of reading glasses.

The correct shape of glasses are based on different face profiles. Meaning someone with an elongated face is better to wear higher glasses to balance the part of glasses with the face.

Colors and materials are selected by the customer as also personal requests will be integrated in the design. A selection of different materials (acetate, titanium, horn or personal materials).

Steps during our journey:

  1. Measuring topography head

  2. Consult shape, color and materials 

  3. Development and Prototyping

  4. Production

  5. Delivery and Final adjustments

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